CNO Teamcenter TestSuite

Deployments or modifications of the Teamcenter configuration are requiring tests to provide a well working solution.

However, many companies abstain from automated test procedures because of an insufficient proportional of costs and benefits. Mentioned reasons are development efforts, frequent version changes or a small project budget.

CAD ’N ORG provides a simple and flexible solution for automation of tests, which is prepared instantly for Teamcenter standard cases and can be easily used for your own customizations.

CNO TestSuite offers several features and options for processing of tests, i.e.:

  • simple test automation with an Eclipse based application
  • re-use of test cases
  • availability of OOTB Teamcenter test cases for direct use
  • record & play functionality
  • feasibility of programmed tests with support on object mapping
  • automatic tests of regression and performance
  • Smoke test function
  • Test automatization via system lines and for different software releases by TestSuite parametrization
  • automatic creation of test data
  • active workspace client support
  • optional integration of Application Lifecycle Management solutions
  • optional Nagios integration
  • and much more

All components of the CNO TestSuite can be adapted to your needs and can be used in different combinations. It provides instantly applicable test cases, which already cover simple Teamcenter use cases.

  • Teamcenter RAC or AWC login and performance check
  • item search or creation in RAC or AWC
  • release operations with validation for success
  • many other OOTB use cases

The CNO TestSuite helps you to avoid time-consuming manual tests. This tests can be automated, which leads to an improved test coverage and thereby to a higher system stability and quality.

Demo Videos CNO TestSuite for Teamcenter


Workshop PLM-Connection 2016 test automation


CNO TestSuite for Teamcenter: Record a Test Case


CNO TestSuite for Teamcenter: Play a Test Case

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