CNO VALIDATION FRAMEWORK offers a new dimension of validation of data in Teamcenter.

In a Teamcenter database, the data are subject to constant change. However, some of these changes can also lead to undesirable results, such as in the release of documents and parts. Reason for these undesirable results can be:

  • Incomplete or improper migration of old data stock
  • Not take into account changes in business processes which affects existing data
  • Errors in previous releases
  • Application usage errors

CNO VALIDATION FRAMEWORK now offers all possibilities of validation of data, eg :

  • Status values ​​to previous revisions
  • Attributes in forms
  • Relations between TC objects (part to document, part to BOM, part to part, etc.)
  • Empty files of documents
  • and much more

All criteria of validation are freely configurable, so they can easily be adapted to changing requirements. The validation can be done:

  • in the form of a report showing the target-actual deviation
  • in the context of workflows using handler
  • as a rich client application for interactive validation

Thus, by using CNO VALIDATION FRAMEWORK the processing security will increase and the cycle times will improve.

Demo Video CNO Validation Framework

Download Flyer Validation Framework

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